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At best order
An order submitted to the order book with a specified size which may execute, either in part or in its entirety, against eligible orders at the price of those orders with any unexecuted portion being rejected from the book.
An option whose strike/exercise price is equal to or near the current price of the underlying instrument.
Auction market
A system in which financial instruments are bought and sold through trading on an exchange floor by buyers and sellers competing via open-outcry with other buyers and sellers for the best price.
Authorised share capital
The maximum number of shares that a company can issue, as specified in the firm’s articles of incorporation.
Automatic execution
An automatic trade executed by the trading system. Automatic trades are executed by matching buy and sell orders.
Avoir fiscal
A tax credit (on dividends) payable to French holders of French securities. In most cases, foreign holders are granted the avoir fiscal in accordance with tax agreements between France and their own country.
Italian for share.
Azione ordinaria
Ordinary share on Italian stock exchanges.
Azione privilegiata
Preference share on Italian stock exchanges.