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Face value
Fair value
An option value derived from a mathematical option valuation model
Fannie Mae
Securities issued by the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) of the US.
Fast market
Rapid movement in a market caused by strong interest by buyers and/or sellers. In such circumstances price levels may be omitted and bid and offer quotations may occur too rapidly to be fully reported.
Fill or kill order
An order submitted to the order book with a specified size and at the option of the member firm, a specified limit price which either executes in its entirety against eligible orders at the price of those orders or is rejected in full from the order book.
Final dividend
The dividend paid by a company at the end of its financial year, recommended by the directors, but authorised by the shareholders at the company’s Annual General Meeting.
Financial future
A futures contract based on a financial instrument.
Financial Services Action Plan (FSAP)
The FSAP is the European Commission’s response towards improving the single market in financial services. Adopted in 1999, the FSAP contains a list of 42 measures to be implemented, grouped around four strategic objectives (retail markets; wholesale; prudential rules and supervision; and wider conditions for an optimal single financial market). The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive forms a major part of the implementation of the FSAP.
Firm quote
A market-maker’s quote which is a price which he/she is committed to deal.
First notice day
The first day on which notices of intention to deliver actual commodities against futures market positions can be received.