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The process immediately following a transaction whereby the traders confirm the details of the trade.
Conseil des Bourses de Valeurs (CBV)
The French Stock Exchange Council which is the supervisory and regulatory authority of the French securities markets.
On the London Stock Exchange, the money value of a transaction (number of shares multiplied by the price).
Consolidated tape
The combined tapes of the New York and American stock exchanges. Network A covers New York Stock Exchange-listed securities, identifying the market where the trade takes place. Network B does the same for American Stock Exchange securities and securities listed on US regional exchanges.
(i) On the London Stock Exchange, a mechanism for detailing settlement of a bargain until the next account day. This mechanism is used when the selling party is unable to deliver the stock for the appropriate account day. The selling party pays an interest premium to the buyer to cover the extended settlement period. On futures markets, a market in which distant months sell at a premium over near months.
(ii) In futures markets a situation in which prices are progressively higher in the succeeding delivery months than in the nearest delivery month.
Contante price
Italian bond market cash price.
An agreement to buy or sell a specified amount of a particular commodity or option for a specified month in the future.
Contract expiration date
The date on which a commodity must be delivered to fulfil the terms of the contract. For options, the last day on which the option holder can exercise his right to buy or sell the underlying security.
Contract month
The month in which a futures contract matures or becomes deliverable if not liquidated or traded out before the date specified.
Contract note
On the London Stock Exchange, on the day on which a bargain takes place a member firm must send to the client a contract note detailing the transaction, to include full title of the stock, price, consideration, commission and stamp duty (if applicable).