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Maintenance margin
The minimum margin which an investor must keep on deposit in a margin account at all times.
A dealer is said to make-a-market when he or she quotes bid and offer prices at which he or she stands ready to buy and sell.
Mandatory quote period (MQP)
On the London Stock Exchange, the period during which all registered market-makers are obliged to display prices.
Marché au comptant
The French cash market. All securities on the official list not traded on the monthly settlement market are traded on this market. Cash transactions comprise the least active shares and the great majority of bonds; any quantity may be negotiated for immediate settlement and delivery.
Marché officiel
Official list of French stock exchanges.
(i) In equity markets, the amount paid by the customer when he/she uses his broker’s credit to buy a security.
(ii) For options, the sum required as collateral from the writer of an option.
(iii) For futures, a deposit made to the clearing house on establishing a futures position.
Margin call
A demand for additional funds to be deposited in a margin account to meet margin requirements because of adverse future price movements.
Market Abuse
Conduct that adversely affects a financial market and falls below the standards expected by the regular user of that market. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) can enforce disciplinary action against those who commit such abuses.
Market capitalisation
The current total market value of a company’s issued shares. Obtained by multiplying the current market price by the current number of shares in issue.
Market operator
Market operator is a person or persons who effectively direct the business of a regulated market.