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On Belgian and French exchanges, the market price of a share.
A measure of the comovement between two variables.
The total net profit a company has available for distribution as dividend, divided by the amount actually paid gives the number of times that the dividend is covered.
Crack spread
A hedge used in the energy futures market to offset the risk of buying (or selling) crude oil with an opposite transaction in the refined products that may be derived from it.
An Indian measurement equating to 10 million.
Cross rates
Rates between two currencies, neither of which is the US dollar.
Crossed market
The situation which exists when a broker's bid is higher than the lowest offer of another broker.
A cross-trade transaction is a transaction where either the buy-broker and the sell-broker are the same, or the buy-broker and the sell-broker belong to the same firm.
The meal and oil products resulting from processing soya beans.
Crush margin
The ratio of oil and meal resulting from crushing a given volume of soya beans.