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Contract size
For futures contracts, the quantity to be delivered.
Conversion premium
The amount by which the price of a convertible bond exceeds the market price of the underlying stock.
Conversion price
The par value of a convertible security divided by the number of shares into which it may be exchanged.
Conversion ratio
The number of shares for which a convertible security may be exchanged.
Convertible bond
A bond which confers on the holder the right to exchange the bonds for other securities of the issuing company at a predetermined price and at, or during, determinable dates.
Convertible security
Bond or preferred stock that may be converted into another security at the holder's option.
Corporate bond
A long-term interest-bearing debt instrument that requires the issuer to pay the purchaser a specified sum of money, usually at specific intervals, and to repay the principal amount of the loan at maturity.
Correlation coefficient
A measure of the closeness of the relationship between 2 variables.
(i) On bearer stocks, the detachable part of the certificate exchangeable for dividends.
(ii) Denotes the rate of interest on a fixed-interest security.
Coupon value
The annual rate of interest of a bond.