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Capital market
The market for medium- and long-term securities.
Capitalisation issue
The process whereby money from a company's reserves is converted into issued capital, which is then distributed to shareholders as new shares, in proportion to their original holdings. Also known as a bonus or scrip issue.
Carbon Credit
A "credit" to emit a Tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) issued as part of an emissions trading scheme such as the European Emissions Trading Scheme.
Carbon Dioxide Equivalents
A measurement unit used to indicate the global warming potential (GWP) of greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide is used as the reference gas against which all other greenhouse gases are measured.
Carbon emissions
Carbon dioxide (CO2) that enters the atmosphere as a result of human activity, especially the burning of carbon-based fuels.
Carbon neutral
When CO2 emissions of an individual, group, organisation or activity have been entirely "cancelled out" through a process of calculation, reduction and offsetting.
Carbon offsetting
The counter balancing of carbon emissions through the purchase of a carbon credit or offset from specialised intermediary companies who generate offsets by various means, such as planting trees or investing in renewable energy.
Carbon price
The amount it costs a company to buy permission to emit one metric tonne of carbon dioxide. The price varies depending on the trading scheme and fluctuates constantly due to market forces.
Carbon Trading
The trading of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission allowances through a scheme, such as the European Emissions Trading Scheme.