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A combination of a cap and a floor. A collar sets a band within which interest rates will apply (eg 10.5–13.75%), for a given period.
Collateralised mortgage obligations
CMOs package the mortgage payment stream from a portfolio of mortgages into several series of debt instruments which are prioritised in terms of their right to receive principal payments. In the most basic CMOs, each series must be repaid in full before any principal payments can be made to the holders of the next series.
The term "co-location/proximity hosting services" means space, power, telecommunications, and other ancillary products and services made available to market participants for the purpose of enabling them to position their computer systems/servers in close proximity to the derivatives transaction execution facility's trade and execution systems. Co-location allows trading firms to place their trading systems next to an exchange’s servers, giving them the ability to execute strategies at high speed through computer algorithms.
The fee that a broker may charge clients for dealing on their behalf.
Commission des Opérations de Bourse (COB)
The French securities-market watchdog. The COB holds the status of an autonomous administrative body.
Committee of Wise Men
The Committee of Wise Men on the Regulation of European Securities Markets under the chairmanship of Alexandre Lamfalussy was established by ECOFIN with a mandate to assess the current conditions for the implementation of the regulation of securities markets in the European Union. It was asked to assess how the mechanism for regulating those markets can best respond to developments, and, in order to eliminate barriers, to propose scenarios for adapting current practices to ensure greater convergence and co-operation in day-to-day implementation.
Commodity Futures Trading Commission
The US Federal regulatory agency for futures traded on commodity markets.
Complex event processing
Complex Event Processing (CEP) is a technology for low-latency filtering, correlating, aggregating, and computing on real-world event data. These computations typically produce other events that can be further processed.
Concentration rule
The rule in the current European Union Investment Services Directive allows European Union Member States to require that all retail investor transactions be executed on a regulated market. However, the European Union Commission considers that there must be convergence towards a single consensus view of marketplace regulation in order to create a single financial market in which supply and demand for a given financial instrument can interact across an integrated and efficient trading infrastructure.
Concert party
A group acting together in a takeover situation. Each member of the group (which acts in secret) buys a percentage of shares to avoid no longer being able to hide behind nominee status.