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Regular members of the Osaka Stock Exchange buy and sell securities on the trading floor through the medium of nakadachi members who serve as intermediate agents in transactions between members. Nakadachi members are prohibited from trading on their own account.
On German and Swiss exchanges, shares made out in the name of the owner who is entered in the register of shareholders of the company concerned.
The Nasdaq stock market is the second largest equity market in the US. It is screen-based, with multiple competing market-makers. The Nasdaq system is the market's electronic communications facility.
Nearby contracts
The closest active futures contracts, ie those that expire the soonest.
Net-asset value
The market value of all assets owned by an investment trust minus liabilities and divided by the number of shares outstanding. In mutual funds, the market value of a fund share.
An industry term referring to the net FOB cost of product offered on a delivered or CIF basis. It is derived by subtracting all costs of shipment from the landed price.
New issue
A company coming to the market for the 1st time or issuing additional new shares.
New shares
Shares recently issued by a company; these shares can usually be transferred on renouncable documents.
New time
On the London Stock Exchange, new time dealings may be transacted by special arrangement in the last 2 days of an account, and settled as if they had been done during the following account.
Nil paid
A new issue of shares, usually as the result of a rights issue, on which no payment has yet been made.