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A discount on carrying over a position on a French equity from one settlement period to next.
Daily official list
The London Stock Exchange's daily official list is the list of listed securities and the prices of transactions published each day.
Dark pool
A Dark pool is a trading venue that does not display quotations to the public. Dark pools are used by used by those needing to trade in substantial size, usually institutional investors. Dark Pools provide a mechanism for such transactions to interact without displaying the full scale of ones trading interest.
Day order
An order placed for execution, if possible, during only one trading session. If the order cannot be executed that day, it is automatically cancelled.
Day trader
Speculators who take positions in commodities which are then liquidated prior to the close of the same trading day.
An individual or firm acting as a principal, rather than as an agent, in the purchase and/or sale of securities. Dealers trade for their own account and risk.
A non-secured loan raised by a company, paying a fixed-rate of interest.
The process that converted stock prices from fractional pricing to pricing in decimals; that is, in increments from eighths or sixteenths of dollars to nickels (USD0.05) or pennies (USD0.01). Decimalisation and the reduction of tick sizes are not the same and are not necessarily dependent on each other.
Declaration date
The latest day or time by which the buyer of an option must indicate to the seller his intention to exercise the option.
The non-performance of a stated obligation.