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A certificate giving the holder the long-term and at times perpetual privilege but not the obligation of purchasing securities at a specified price.
Wash trade
A matched deal which produces neither a gain nor a loss.
Security code number on German stock exchanges. The German securities identification number is a 6-digit numeric code. Codes up to 499,999 are allocated to fixed-interest securities, codes from 500,000 are allocated to shares, warrants and unit trusts.
When issued
A transaction made conditionally in a security authorised but not yet issued.
White knight
A company which rescues another which is in financial difficulty, especially one which saves a company from an unwelcome takeover bid.
The percentage rate of return computed by dividing a security's annual dividend by its current market price.
A method of trading employed on Japanese exchanges. Under the zaraba method, transactions are consummated by auction based on (i) price priority in that the selling (buying) order with the lowest (highest) price takes precedence over other orders, and (ii) time priority in that an earlier order takes precedence over other orders at the same price.
Zero coupon bonds
Zero coupon bonds are corporate or municipal debt securities that trade at a deep discount from the face value, as the bond pays no interest to the bondholders during its lifetime.