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Exotic option
Any of a wide variety of options with unusual underlying, strike price calculations, strike price determinations, payoff mechanisms or expiration conditions.
Expiration date
(i) Options - the last date after which the option can no longer be exercised.
(ii) Bonds - the date on which a bond matures.
Expiration month
The month in which an option expires.
The London Stock Exchange market for innovative investment companies and products, is dedicated to providing investors with special investment opportunities.
Extrinsic value
Face value
Fair value
An option value derived from a mathematical option valuation model
Fannie Mae
Securities issued by the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) of the US.
Fast market
Rapid movement in a market caused by strong interest by buyers and/or sellers. In such circumstances price levels may be omitted and bid and offer quotations may occur too rapidly to be fully reported.
Fill or kill order
An order submitted to the order book with a specified size and at the option of the member firm, a specified limit price which either executes in its entirety against eligible orders at the price of those orders or is rejected in full from the order book.