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Termine price
Italian bond market forward price.
The measure of the change in an option's premium given a change in the option's time until expiration. Equal to the change in the option's premium divided by the change in time to expiration.
Third market
In the US, the trading of exchange-listed securities on the OTC market by non-exchange member broker-dealers and institutional investors.
A measure of how much data can be transferred over a period of time.
A minimum change in price, up or down.
Tick size
This is the minimum price movement for a futures contract.
Ticker symbol
Characters that identify a financial instrument on an exchange ticker.
Time value
That part of an option premium which reflects the length of time remaining in the option prior to expiration. The longer the time remaining until expiration, the higher the time value.
Total return index
An index that calculates the performance of a group of stocks assuming that dividends are re-invested into the index constituents. For the purposes of the index calculation, the value of the dividends are re-invested in the index on the ex-dividend date.
The best buying and selling prices available from a market-maker on SEAQ and SEAQ International in a given security at any one time.