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Self-regulatory organisation (SRO)
In the UK a recognised controlling body which regulates a specified class of investment business.
Also known as the option writer. The seller of an option is subject to a potential obligation if the buyer chooses to exercise the option.
The London Stock Exchange trade confirmation service.
Serial expiration
Options on the same underlying futures contract which expire in more than one month.
All options of the same class which share a common strike price.
Settlement date
The date by which an executed order must be settled by the transference of securities and funds between buyer and seller.
Settlement price
The official closing price for a future set by the clearing house at the end of each trading day.
Share price index
An index measuring movements in the prices of shares but not their dividends; as opposed to a total return index, which measures both price movements and dividend income.
Shares outstanding
The number of shares that have been issued that are actually in the hands of investors.