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(i) Options, the price a put or call buyer must pay to a put or call seller for an option contract.
(ii) The amount by which the market price of a bond exceeds its par value.
Present value
The discounted value of future cash flows.
Price-earnings ratio
Current price of a stock divided by its trailing 12-months earnings.
Primary market
The market relating to the original issue or 1st sale of new securities.
A dealer who buys or sells stock for his/her own account.
Principal orders
Activity by a broker/dealer when buying or selling for its own account and risk. Also called principal trades.
Principal trades
Private placement
An issue that is offered to a single or a few investors as opposed to being publicly offered.
The conversion of a state run company to PLC status, often accompanied by a sale of its shares to the public.
Probate price
In the UK, the price used to assess the value of shares for inheritance tax purposes. The probate price is calculated by dividing the difference between the bid and offer prices by 4 and adding the result to the lower of the 2 prices.