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Short interest
The total number of shares of a security sold short.
Short sale
The sale of a security or commodities futures not owned by the seller at the time of the trade. Short sales are usually made in anticipation of a decline in the price.
A 5-digit code allocated to French securities.
Single stock futures
Futures contracts on individual stocks.
Sinking fund
The repayment of debt by an issuer at stated regular intervals through purchases in the open market or drawings by lot.
(i) The number of shares or bonds which are available for sale.
(ii) A term used when there are a large number of shares for sale.
Société des Bourses Françaises (SBF)
This body applies regulations drawn up by the Conseil des Bourses de Valeurs to market operations of the French stock exchanges. Its activities include registering trades and listings and keeping investors informed of transactions.
Sociétés de Bourse
Member firms on the French Bourses. Sociétés de Bourse, previously known as Agents de Change, are empowered to conduct trade in securities and financial instruments, manage private and institutional portfolios, and set up and manage investment funds. Member firms are also entitled to deal as principals.
A member of a US stock exchange who holds an exclusive franchise to trade in one or more securities on the exchange floor. The specialist in return is obliged to maintain a fair and orderly market in the stocks in which he or she is registered.
The division of the outstanding shares of a corporation usually into a larger number of shares.