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The Nasdaq stock market is the second largest equity market in the US. It is screen-based, with multiple competing market-makers. The Nasdaq system is the market's electronic communications facility.
Nearby contracts
The closest active futures contracts, ie those that expire the soonest.
Net-asset value
The market value of all assets owned by an investment trust minus liabilities and divided by the number of shares outstanding. In mutual funds, the market value of a fund share.
An industry term referring to the net FOB cost of product offered on a delivered or CIF basis. It is derived by subtracting all costs of shipment from the landed price.
New issue
A company coming to the market for the 1st time or issuing additional new shares.
New shares
Shares recently issued by a company; these shares can usually be transferred on renouncable documents.
New time
On the London Stock Exchange, new time dealings may be transacted by special arrangement in the last 2 days of an account, and settled as if they had been done during the following account.
Nil paid
A new issue of shares, usually as the result of a rights issue, on which no payment has yet been made.
No brainer
A transaction guaranteed to make a profit.
Nominal quotation
(i) Securities. An approximation of a security's market value, given for the purpose of valuation.
(ii) Futures. An estimated price for a future month or date for which there is no bid, ask or trade price.