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Trade date
The date on which a trade occurs.
Traded options
Transferable options with the right to buy and sell a standarised amount of a security at a fixed price within a specified period.
Trading halt
The suspension of trading in a security while material news from the issuer is being disseminated. A trading halt generally lasts 30 minutes and gives all investors equal opportunity to evaluate news and make buy, sell, or hold decisions on that basis.
Trading range
The range of prices that have been traded over a particular period.
Traditional options
Traditional options cannot be traded and are offered by 3 market-makers acting as principals.
The buying or selling of securities resulting from the execution of an order.
On the London Stock Exchange, the form signed by the seller of a security authorising the company to remove his name from the register, and substitute that of the buyer.
Transparent market
The degree to which trade and quotation information is available to the public on a current basis.
Treasury bills
Short-term obligations of a government issued for periods of one year or less. Treasury bills do not carry a rate of interest and are issued at a discount on the par value. Treasury bills are repaid at par on the due date.