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  • Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX)

    The highest executive body of the TAIFEX is the Board of Directors and Supervisors whose major responsibility is decision-making, including approving the Exchange's rules and regulations, establishing the fee structure and the Exchange's operating practices, and appointing and supervising... see more

  • Taiwan Stock Exchange

    The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corp (TWSE) was established with the principal objective of providing a marketplace for securities trading. Under the supervision of the Securities and Futures Bureau (SFB), the market is administered in accordance with the provisions of the Securities and Exchan... see more

  • Tehran Stock Exchange

    The Iranian Capital Market Law of 2005 established the Securities & Exchange Council as the highest authority with responsibility for all related policies, market strategies, and supervision of the market. The chairman of the Council is the Minister of Economics; other members are: Minist... see more

  • Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange

    The members of the TASE are corporate bodies which have complied with the prerequisites for admission, such as sound financial structure, reliability, expertise and experience in stock exchange activities. There are 29 members of the Exchange: 14 banks, including the Bank of Israel, 13 br... see more

  • Thailand Futures Exchange

    The Thailand Futures Exchange Plc is a subsidiary of The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). The TFEX is governed by the Derivatives Act B.E. 2546 (2003) and is under the supervision of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The highest executive body of the TFEX is its Board of Dir... see more

  • The Baltic Exchange

    In November 2016 Singapore Exchange Limited completed the acquisition of the Baltic Exchange Limited. The Baltic Exchange Council (BEC) is the governing body which oversees the Baltic, including the Membership Committee and the Charities Committee, in relation to its strategy for members... see more

  • The International Stock Exchange (TISE)

    The Exchange is regulated by The Channel Islands Securities Exchange Authority Limited (CISEA), whose board is the principle decision making forum, which carries out the day to day listings and market surveillance functions of the Exchange. The Channel Islands Securities Exchange Authorit... see more

  • The Palestine Exchange (PEX)

    The Palestine Exchange (PEX) is a public shareholding company, which operates under the supervision of the Palestinian Capital Market Authority and in accordance with the Securities Law No. (12) 2004 and its bylaws, in addition to modern regulations, to ensure a fair trading environment.... see more

  • TMX Group

    TMX Group operates Canada's two national stock exchanges, Toronto Stock Exchange serving the senior equity market and TSX Venture Exchange serving the public venture equity market, and Canada's financial derivatives exchange, Montréal Exchange, and the Boston Options Exchange. TMX Group a... see more

  • Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX)

    Tokyo Financial Exchange Inc. (formerly the Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange) changed from a membership organisation to a stock company on 1 April 2004.

  • Toronto Stock Exchange

    The Toronto Stock Exchange demutualised in 2000 and in 2002 the TSX Group Inc became a publicly traded company, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The Toronto Stock Exchange is now a subsidiary of TMX Group Inc which also includes TSX Venture, Montréal Exchange, Natural Gas Exchange a... see more

  • Toshkent Republican Stock Exchange

    The highest decision-making body of the Exchange is the shareholders' general meeting. The TRSE is managed by the Board of Directors and a Chairman of the Board. All policies and new rules are developed by the Board of the Exchange and must be approved by the shareholders' general meeting... see more

  • Tradegate Exchange

    In November 2009 Deutsche Boerse AG became a majority shareholder in Tradegate Exchange with a 75% plus one share stake in the exchange. The remaining holdings in Tradegate Exchange GmbH are held by Tradegate AG. Deutsche Börse also acquired a 5-percent share in Tradegate AG Wertpapierhan... see more

  • TriAct Canada Marketplace

    TriAct Canada Marketplace LP is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Investment Technology Group, Inc.

  • Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange

    The affairs of the Exchange are managed by an eleven-member Board of Directors, consisting of the following: four members representing the stockbrokers; four members representing the listed companies; and three independent members. The policies of the board and the day-to-day operations... see more

  • TSX Alpha Exchange

    Alpha Group is comprised of Alpha Exchange Inc. and Alpha Market Services Inc., each of which is wholly-owned by Alpha Trading Systems Limited Partnership ("Alpha LP"). The general partner of Alpha LP is Alpha Trading Systems Inc., and its limited partner is TMX Group Limited (formerly... see more

  • TSX Venture Exchange

    TSX Venture is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and is part of the TMX Group, which includes Toronto Stock Exchange, Montréal Exchange, Natural Gas Exchange and Boston Options Exchange (BOX)

  • Tunis Stock Exchange

    Under Law No 94/117, passed in 1994, the Exchange is run by traders through a private company called the Tunis Bourse and a separate watchdog group called the Financial Market Council (CMF).

  • Turquoise

    The new entity formed through the merger of Turquoise and Baikal is 60 per cent owned by London Stock Exchange Group and 40 per cent owned by the former Turquoise shareholders. The Turquoise MTF is regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority as a Multilateral Trading Facility.

  • Turquoise

    Turquoise Global Holdings Limited is an investment firm authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. Initially founded by a consortium of nine investment banks, TGHL is now majority owned by the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG). In addition to LSEG, its sharehold... see more