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  • Lahore Stock Exchange

    The Governing Board of LSE consists of 10 directors. Five directors are elected by the members of the Exchange from amongst themselves. Four are non-member directors, appointed by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), from amongst securities market experts, lawyers, infor... see more

  • Libyan Stock Market

    The highest decision-making body of the Libyan Stock Market is the Management Committee.

  • Lima Stock Exchange

    The LSE is an equity company authorised to function by the National Securities Commission (CONASEV). LSE's main objective is to facilitate and promote trading of listed securities. The exchange aims to provide adequate services, systems and mechanisms for a fair, competitive, orderly, con... see more

  • Ljubljana Stock Exchange

    Ownership structure The Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE) is a private joint-stock company, which complies with and implements the corporate governance principles arising out of legal norms, the company's internal acts and established best practices. The company is operated by a two-tier... see more

  • London Metal Exchange

    The London Metal Exchange is a wholly owned subsidiary of LME Holdings Limited. On 6 December 2012 LME Holdings Limited became a member of the HKEx Group and is the sole shareholder of The London Metal Exchange. LME Holdings Limited has two classes of share: Ordinary shares and B shar... see more

  • London Stock Exchange

    The London Stock Exchange plc is part of the London Stock Exchange Group; a shareholder-owned company, listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. The Exchange's day to day management is conducted by the Executive Committee, which is chaired by the Chief Executive. The Londo... see more

  • London Stock Exchange Group

    London Stock Exchange Group is a shareholder-owned company, listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. The Board currently comprises the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer and seven other non-executive directors. Londo... see more

  • Ludhiana Stock Exchange Association

    The Council of Management of the Exchange consists of 13 members, of which six are elected, three are Government nominees, three are public representatives and the Executive Director as an ex-officio member. At every Annual General Meeting, one-third of the elected members of the Board of... see more

  • Lusaka Stock Exchange

    The LuSE is incorporated as a private limited liability company owned by the broker members. To participate in the Zambian securities market, the first requirement is to incorporate as a company and thereafter to apply to the SEC for qualification to be a licensed dealer. Licensed dealers... see more

  • Luxembourg Stock Exchange

    The Société Anonyme de la Bourse de Luxembourg is organised under the Luxembourg Companies Act and is managed by a board of directors elected at the annual general meeting (held on the 3rd Wednesday in April). This board has full powers to organise and supervise the securities market. Th... see more