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  • EEX – European Energy Exchange

    EEX is an exchange under the German Exchange Act and a regulated market within the meaning of the EU's MiFID directive. The supervisory authority which is in charge of EEX is the Saxon Ministry for Economic Affairs and Labour (SMWA) in Dresden. EEX has the following executive bodies: the... see more

  • Egyptian Exchange

    The Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA), previously known as the Capital Market Authority (CMA), is the regulatory organisation which oversees the Egyptian Exchange.

  • El Salvador Stock Exchange

    The highest decision and policy-making body of the Exchange is the 14-member board of directors, composed of brokers and well-known members of the business community. The execution of policy is the responsibility of the president and the day-to-day operation of the exchange is the respons... see more

  • Equiduct Trading

    Equiduct is operated by the regulated market Börse Berlin and supervised for fair and orderly trading by the following official institutions: The Market Surveillance (Hüst) The Exchange Supervisory Authority. The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority - BaFin Knight Capital... see more

  • Eris Innovations

    Eris Innovations, LLC is a Delaware limited liability company. Eris Innovations, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eris Exchange Holdings, LLC, a holding company formed in June 2010. Eris Innovations owns the patents behind Eris Swap Futures.

  • Eswatini Stock Exchange

    The Committee of the Exchange is chaired by the governor of the Central Bank of Swaziland. It comprises representatives from the Central Bank, the listed companies, transfer secretaries, institutional investors, the stockbroking community and the Capital Markets Development Unit of the Ce... see more

  • Ethiopia Commodity Exchange

    The ECX is established as a demutualized corporate entity with clear separation of Ownership, Membership, and Management. Owners cannot have a trading stake, members cannot have an ownership stake, and the management can be neither drawn from the owners nor from the members. ECX is desi... see more

  • Eurex

    Eurex is a public company wholly owned by Deutsche Boerse AG. Eurex operates the Eurex Exchanges, Eurex Clearing and Eurex Repo.

  • Euronext

    Euronext N.V. is a Dutch public company with limited liability (naamloze Vennootschap) which has its registered office in Amsterdam. Euronext N.V. is registered with the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce for Amsterdam, the Netherlands, under number 60234520. Euronext N.V. has its... see more

  • Euronext Dublin

    The Irish Stock Exchange plc, trading as Euronext Dublin, is a public company limited by shares. It is 100% owned by Euronext. The Irish Stock Exchange plc has two subsidiaries. European Wholesale Securities Market Limited which operates the European Wholesale Securities Market (EW... see more

  • EuroTLX SIM Spa

    The following members have access to the market: Liquidity Providers (Market Maker class A, Market Maker class B, Specialist), which provide liquidity through insertion of quotes for all instruments traded according to their profile. Brokers, which provide orders on behalf of thei... see more

  • EXAA - Energy Exchange Austria

    In 2005 EXAA Energy Exchange Austria was integrated into the Cismo Group, which owns many service companies in the Austrian energy industry. The major shareholders of EXAA are APCS Power Clearing and Settlement AG (34.55%), Wiener Börse AG (25.12%) Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (8.06%... see more