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  • Cantor Exchange Introduces Limit Orders

    Date 19/06/1999

    The Cantor Exchange (CX) announced on June 15 that it has begun accepting limit orders for all U.S. Treasury futures contracts traded on CX: 30 year bond, 10 year note, 5 year note and 2 year note. CX had previously received approval from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to implement limit orders in the CX system. "Limit orders, or 'Session Orders' as they are referred to in the CX rules, will improve access to CX for all traders who can now leave resting orders in the marketplace

  • SWX Opens First Electronic Repo Market

    Date 18/06/1999

    On 18 June 1999, the SWX Swiss Exchange launched its newest product, Repo SWX, a totally electronic market for repurchase agreements. The culmination of more than one year of development efforts, this SWX platform has been designed to encompass a number of different markets, product types and currencies. Repo SWX will become an integral part of the future infrastructure for trading and clearing repo transactions on a national and international level. Repo SWX consists of three segments: the Swis

  • New Timetable for Warsaw Stock Exchange Trading Session

    Date 18/06/1999

    Beginning August 2, 1999, the Warsaw Stock Exchange further extends its trading hours. Trading sessions will be held every business day from 10:00 (currently 11:00) until 16:00. The single-price auction will take place at 10:30 (currently 11:30), followed by post-auction trading until 11:15 (currently 12:15). Continuous trading will start at 12:00 (currently 13:00) and end at 16:00.

  • New Study Released On Corporate Governance- Toronto Stock Exchange And ICD Release Corporate Governance Scorecard

    Date 18/06/1999

    The first official follow-up study on how closely corporate Canada follows Toronto Stock Exchange corporate governance guidelines was released today (June 17) by the TSE and Institute of Corporate Directors. The study found that the majority of companies that Canadians invest in take seriously the guidelines released by the TSE in the 1994 Dey Report "Where Were the Directors." The study also found that although progress is being made, not all companies embrace the guidelines aimed at improving

  • New Record for Trading in Rapeseed Future at MATIF

    Date 18/06/1999

    On June 17 daily trading in the Matif rapeseed future hit a record high of 1,963 lots - representing 98,150 tonnes of rapeseed - beating the previous record of 1,750 lots recorded on January 19 this year. This peak came against a backdrop of low market prices relative to trends observed since the launch of the contract.

  • LIFFE welcomes publication of the "Financial Services & Markets" bill

    Date 18/06/1999

    Brian Williamson, Chairman of the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE), welcomed the publication today of the revised Financial Services and Markets Bill: "The Bill, in bringing together financial regulators under one roof, provides for a simplified and integrated process. This will be much to London's advantage.

  • Johannesburg Stock Exchange Achieves All Time High Value Traded in One Day

    Date 18/06/1999

    The JSE is pleased to announce that an all time high for daily turnover of ZAR3,923 million was recorded on June 17, 1999. The previous daily high of ZAR3,499 million was recorded on April 16, 1999.

  • Market Harmonisation Details Confirmed - European Alliance Exchanges to adopt new market hours

    Date 17/06/1999

    The London Stock Exchange today (June 17) confirmed its European alliance short-term market harmonisation proposals - including the extension of domestic market hours. Deutsche Börse is close to completing its formal consultation with its exchange committee and will make an announcement soon. The six new Alliance exchanges (Amsterdam, Brussels, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Switzerland) have also expressed their support for the proposed trading hours and will be working towards implementing them in the

  • ASX Joins Nasdaq in Strategic Alliance

    Date 17/06/1999

    The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. (Nasdaq) today announced a strategic alliance which will provide new co-listing services and begin the process of developing the technology infrastructure to support future co-trading services to investors, enterprises, and market participants. While secondary listing on one market of the shares and products which have their primary listing on the other market is already in common use, the two exchanges have agreed to work to

  • ASX and SFE Merger

    Date 17/06/1999

    ASX notes the announcement by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) this afternoon concerning the proposed merger of ASX and the Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE). "The Commission has indicated that its decision is not yet final and we will be meeting them shortly to explore ways to address differences in our position", ASX Managing Director, Richard Humphry said today, June 17. "The issues before the Commission are complex. We are hopeful as a result of our further discussions the