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  • KCBT Wheat Margins Altered - Market Volatility Raises Wheat Margins

    Date 19/04/2004

    The Kansas City Board of Trade has raised its minimum margins for wheat futures contracts. The changes, effective tomorrow, come as a result of increased market volatility and are as follows:

  • Tokyo Stock Exchange Compliance Monthly Report (Market Surveillance)

    Date 16/04/2004

    The Compliance Monthly Report aims to regularly inform market participants including public investors of what measures are taken by the Department of Market Surveillance and Compliance of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to secure a fair market and to help investors to trade within a security environment.

  • Thailand Securities Depository Unveils SMART To Transfer Dividend Payments Via Bank Accounts

    Date 16/04/2004

    President of Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd. (TSD), Mrs. Nongram Wongwanich, said TSD has come up with the SMART (System for Managing Automated Retail Funds Transfer) program to attract investors to sign up for dividend payment transfers right into their bank accounts.

  • Stock Exchange Of Thailand Enhances Its Trading And Back-Up Systems to Cope With The Future Growth Of the Capital market

    Date 16/04/2004

    The SET Executive Vice President, Mr. Chaiyoot Chamnanlertkit, revealed that the SET has a plan to develop its trading system to be able to efficiently respond to any changes in both the technological and business aspects of the capital market. These include boosted trading turnover and more arrays of financial instruments. The SET thus has slated THB 60 million worth of budget to develop the trading as well as back-up systems utilizing new technology to assure relevant parties of a higher capac

  • Standard & Poor's Announces Changes In S&P/TSX Canadian Indices (GICS)

    Date 16/04/2004

    As a result of the annual review of the GICS structure, Standard & Poor's, Canadian Index Services, announces the changes to the structure that affect the S&P Canadian index marketplace. All changes in the GICS structure will be implemented after the close of business, EST, on Friday, April 30, 2004. For a detailed description of the GICS classifications, please refer to the Standard & Poor's web site at

  • Standard & Poor's Announces Changes In S&P/TSX Canadian Indices (Capped Income Trust)

    Date 16/04/2004

    Standard & Poor's Canadian Index Operations announces the following index changes effective after the close of business on Friday, April 16, 2004:

  • SETTRADE Launches SETSMART-Investor Version, An Information Service On The Net For Retail Investors Starting May 1, 2004

    Date 16/04/2004

    SETTRADE Dot Com, the SET's marketing arm, has opened another information service for retail investors via the Internet, the SETSMART- Investor Version. The service has been created to provide an all-inclusive information source which will make investing easier and more convenient.

  • SETTRADE Develops Thailand's First Comprehensive Website For Mutual Fund Information

    Date 16/04/2004

    SETTRADE Dot Com's Vice President-Marketing and Business Development, Mr. Kirati Kosicharoen, announced that SETTRADE, in conjunction with the Office of Securities Exchange Commission and the Association of Investment Management Companies (AIMC), has developed the website to be the first website that gathers complete information regarding all mutual funds from every investment management company in Thailand. This will include the fund's performance, past to present, classi

  • SEC Approves NASD And NYSE Business Continuity Rules

    Date 16/04/2004

    On April 7, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved rules proposed by NASD and the New York Stock Exchange (File Nos. SR-NASD-2002-108 and SR NYSE-2002-35), which require NASD and NYSE members to develop business continuity plans that establish procedures relating to an emergency or significant business disruption.

  • S&P Emerging Markets Database Index Announcement

    Date 16/04/2004

    China - Aluminum Corp of China Share Increase and IWF Change (Eff. 04/29/2004) S&P/EMDB will increase the number of shares outstanding for Aluminum Corp of China Ltd. (EMDB Code 520105.1 / SEDOL 6425395), a constituent of the S&P/IFCI and S&P/IFCG China Indices, by 549.976 million via a new issue effective April 29, 2004, following a public offering. The IWF for the stock will simultaneously be increased to 0.7320 from 0.6945 to reflect the updated percentage of stake held by Alcoa