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  • CBOT: Deferment Of Electronic Order Routing Firm Mandate

    Date 31/10/2000

    The electronic order routing agricultural and financial firm mandate implementation scheduled for November 1, 2000 is postponed due to recent order routing system stability issues which are being addressed. Additionally, the Exchange requires more time to meet the overwhelming demand for COMETs and Electronic Clerks as the trading community dramatically increased its adoption of order routing.

  • Sanctions Against SIP, Société Genevoise D'instruments De Physique, Satigny

    Date 30/10/2000

    In the 1999 annual report of SIP, société genevoise d'instruments de physique, Satigny (CH), the company's auditors confirmed only the consolidation and valuation principles described in the Annex. Their wording was as follows: "Les comptes ont été établis dans le respect des normes comptables RPC, tel que le prévoit le Règlement de cotation de la Bourse Suisse. En ce qui concerne l'évaluation des stocks, y compris les produits en cours de fabrication, les instruments nécessaires pour suivre les

  • Palm, Inc., Inc. To Join The Nasdaq-100 Index Beginning November 6, 2000

    Date 30/10/2000

    Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq:PALM), of Santa Clara, California, will become a component of the Nasdaq-100 Index®, effective at the beginning of trading Monday, November 6, 2000. Palm will also be included in the Nasdaq-100 Index Tracking StockSM (Amex:QQQ). Palm will replace Global Crossing Ltd. (GBLX), which is delisting from The Nasdaq Stock Market®.

  • OM'S Offer Remains Unattractive To Both Shareholders And Customers

    Date 30/10/2000

    In response to the publication of another circular from OM Gruppen on Friday and the announcement of its level of acceptances this morning, Don Cruickshank, Chairman of the London Stock Exchange, said: "OM's negligible level of acceptances demonstrates that OM's inadequate offer is of little or no interest to London Stock Exchange shareholders. It is time that OM acknowledged this and withdrew its offer. The Board of the London Stock Exchange is now determined to focus on the task of building th

  • OM: Offer For London Stock Exchange Plc - Comment Regarding LSE's Statement Of 30 October 2000

    Date 30/10/2000

    Commenting on today's statement by LSE, Per E. Larsson, President & Chief Executive of OM, said: 'We challenge the Exchange to publish what it knows regarding the limitations of its system and the facts that led it to wish to abandon SETS and replace SETS with a Xetra-based system under iX.

  • OM Announces Acceptance Levels Regarding Offer For London Stock Exchange Plc

    Date 30/10/2000

    By 3.00pm on 27 October 2000, valid acceptances of the Increased Offer posted on 13 October 2000 had been received in respect of a total of 810,725 LSE Shares, representing approximately 2.73 per cent. of the issued ordinary share capital of LSE.

  • Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange: 2001 Budget Highly Positive For Securities Industry

    Date 30/10/2000

    Key initiatives proposed in the 2001 Budget to strengthen the financial system are set to make a highly positive contribution in the development and expansion of the Malaysian securities industry.

  • Eurex Now Also Offers Clearing For Bond Trading - Further Participants Trading On Eurex-Bonds

    Date 30/10/2000

    Eurex Clearing AG, the clearinghouse for Eurex, the world's No. 1 derivatives exchange, has now expanded its services to include cash trading in fixed-income securities. As of today (Monday), Eurex Clearing is functioning as the central counterparty for bond trading on the Eurex-Bonds platform and thus rounds out the functionalities of this electronic communications network (ECN), which Eurex set up with leading market participants. In another step to come in the future, Eurex Clearing will also

  • Eurex Introduces Release 4.1 - New Trading Software For Derivatives Trading At EEX

    Date 30/10/2000

    Eurex, the international derivatives market, successfully launched Release 4.1, a new software version of the Eurex trading system, on Monday. About 440 participants from 16 countries implemented the new software together with Eurex, as the derivatives market reported in Frankfurt on Monday.

  • Cyprus Stock Exchange: Review of Developments for September 2000

    Date 30/10/2000

    During September there was a slight decrease in the General Price Index and a particular increase in the value of shares traded compared to August. The various figures and statistics are analysed below.