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  • Botswana Stock Exchange Market Commentary

    Date 27/01/2003

    The market edged up a little but on relatively small volume.

  • Tokyo Stock Exchange Requested Miki Securities Co., Ltd. To Submit Business Improvement Report

    Date 24/01/2003

    TSE requested MIKI SECURITIES CO., LTD. (Miki) to submit business improvement report as to strengthen its internal control system, secure strict compliance by the directors and staff, take preventive measures against recurrence of the violations mentioned below, and clarify locus of responsibility, pursuant to the TSE's Trading Participant Rule.

  • Tokyo Stock Exchange Quarterly Disclosure

    Date 24/01/2003

    In order to enable investors to make rational investment decisions, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. believes it is necessary to provide the market more frequently with information concerning the changes in listed companies' operational and financial situations, and therefore it has begun to promote policies for quarterly disclosure. However, in order for those policies to be effective certain conditions must be met. The accuracy of a minimum level of information, as well as the comparability of that

  • Tokyo Stock Exchange Imposed Imposed A Penalty On Credit Lyonnais Securities Europe - Switzerland AG

    Date 24/01/2003

    TSE imposed a penalty on CREDIT LYONNAIS SECURITIES EUROPE - SWITZERLAND AG ("CREDIT LYONNAIS") of JPY 3 million fine for following business without prior authorization, prior approval or notification to the FSA and censure for the violation against the Measures to Prevent Abuses.

  • Tokyo Stock Exchange Imposed A Penalty On ING Securities (Japan) Limited

    Date 24/01/2003

    TSE imposed a penalty on ING SECURITIES (JAPAN) LIMITED ( '' ING Securities '') of JPY 2 million fine for act of solicitation with promise of special profit.

  • Thailand Finance Minister Announces Roadshow A Major Success For Listed Companies

    Date 24/01/2003

    Leading listed companies, from the banking, property, communications, and entertainment sectors that accompanied the roadshow lead by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and the Finance Ministry say they are confident that they have the potential to grow between 5-25%. The Finance Minister also announced the intention to hold similar roadshows in Asia.

  • Standard & Poor's Announces Changes in the S&P/TSX Venture Composite Index

    Date 24/01/2003

    Standard & Poor's will make the following changes in the S&P/TSX Venture Composite Index: After the close of trading on Friday, January 24, 2003, William Multi-Tech Inc. (TSXVN:WIM) will change its name to Valencia Ventures Inc. The new ticker symbol will be "VVI" and the new CUSIP number will be 91911V 10 8. The number of post-consolidation shares will be 5,639,524.

  • RTS Stock Exchange: All Classic Bond Market Participants Are Now Able To Quote Prices

    Date 24/01/2003

    In accordance with new RTS Stock Exchange Trading rules coming into effect as of January 30, 2003, all Classic Bond market participants are able to quote prices (no preliminary deposition of assets is required). In the past only RTS Bonds market makers were allowed to place quotes in the system.

  • Revised RTS Stock Exchange Listing Rules To Come Into Force January 30th, 2003

    Date 24/01/2003

    Effective January 30, 2003, new RTS Stock Exchange Listing rules are coming into force. The rules will bring existing RTS listing guidelines in compliance with the FCSM of Russia Regulation "On Stock Exchange Activities" dated January 4, 2002, and the Regulation's Update as of June 7th, 2002.

  • Program Trading Averaged 33.6 Percent Of NYSE Volume During Jan 13-17, 2003

    Date 24/01/2003

    The New York Stock Exchange today released its weekly program-trading data submitted by its member firms. The report includes trading in all markets as reported to the NYSE for Jan. 13-17, 2003.