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  • ASX Corporate Governance Council - Statement By Participants

    Date 12/11/2002

    The ASX Corporate Governance Council held its third meeting today at the Sydney offices of Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

  • TSX Group Inc. To Trade On The Toronto Stock Exchange

    Date 11/11/2002

    The common shares of TSX Group Inc. will begin trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Tuesday, November 12, 2002. Stock Symbol: "X" - 33,750,089 common shares will be issued and outstanding. TSX Group conducts its business through the following four integrated operating divisions: Toronto Stock Exchange (senior listings), TSX Venture Exchange (junior listings), TSX Markets (trading) and TSX Datalinx (data). The Company derives its revenue primarily from three integrated activities:

  • The S&P/TSX Canadian Index Committee Announced That Income Trusts Will Remain Outside The S&P/TSX Composite Index

    Date 11/11/2002

    The S&P/TSX Canadian Index Committee today announced that income trusts will continue to be ineligible for inclusion in the S&P/TSX Composite Index, the leading Canadian equity index. The decision follows a careful study of income trust instruments and consultation with the Canadian Index Advisory Panel.

  • Standard & Poor's Announces Changes In S&P/TSX Canadian Energy Trust Index.

    Date 11/11/2002

    Standard & Poor's Canadian Index Operations announces the following index change effective after the close of business on Tuesday, November 12, 2002: The relative weight of PrimeWest Energy Trust (TSX: PWI.UN) will increase by approximately 0.39% in the S&P/TSX Canadian Income Trust Index and by approximately 0.91% in the S&P/TSX Canadian Energy Trust Index. The relative weight change reflects an adjustment to the float trust units of the income trust due to the issuance of units pursuant

  • New Records For NYBOT's Coffee Options And U.S. Dollar/South African Rand Contracts

    Date 11/11/2002

    The New York Board of Trade (NYBOT®) announced today a new open interest record for its coffee options contract of 98,807 contracts set on November 7, 2002, which overtakes the previous record of 97,771 contracts established on November 6, 2002. Additionally, NYBOT's U.S. dollar/South African rand futures contract set a new open interest record of 1,142 contracts on November 6, 2002, replacing the previous record of 994 contracts set on October 20, 1999.

  • Information To Market Participants And Vendors In Connection With The Transfer Of The Calculation Of Copenhagen Stock Exchange Indices From OMtechnology To Oslo Børs

    Date 11/11/2002

    On 10 February 2003, the Copenhagen Stock Exchange will move the calculation of indices from the present platform with OMTechnology to the index calculation system of the Oslo Børs.

  • HKEx Exchange News - GEM Website Issue

    Date 11/11/2002

    Please be advised that due to certain reported public inaccessibility of the Growth Enterprise Market ("GEM") website via internet, announcements in relation to GEM issuers are also available on a temporary website address at until further notice. HKEx is in contact with the internet service providers for further investigation of

  • GIB Group Removed From Next 150 Index

    Date 11/11/2002

    Following the official result of the takeover bid by the Belgium company Ackermans & van Haaren (NextPrime index) for the Belgium company GIB Group (Next 150 index), GIB Group will be removed from the Next 150 index effective Thursday 14 November 2002.

  • Decisions Of The SWX Admission Board

    Date 11/11/2002

    The Admission Board of the SWX Swiss Exchange met today, 11 November 2002, and issued the following announcement: Accounting RulesFor issuers whose securities are listed in the main trading segment of SWX, IAS1 and US GAAP2 will be deemed to be the sole recognised accounting standards as of the 2005 financial year. The exceptional provisions applicable to banks (Art. 68 of the Listing Rules) as well as foreign-domiciled companies (Art. 70 para. 2 LR) shall remain in force.

  • CBOE Announces Thanksgiving Day Holiday Trading Schedule

    Date 11/11/2002

    The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) today announced the following trading schedule in observance of the Thanksgiving Day holiday: (all noted times are Chicago time)