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  • HKFE to Brief Members on Merger Proposal on 17 September

    Date 14/09/1999

    The Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE) announced today that it has scheduled an informal briefing session for Members on Friday, 17 September to explain documents and procedures related to the proposed merger of the Exchange, the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and the related clearing houses.

  • Good Start To Sing Dollar Interest Rate Future At SIMEX

    Date 13/09/1999

    The Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX) is pleased to announce a good start to its 3-Month Singapore Dollar Interest Rate Futures contract.

  • Deutsche Börse Launches European Bond Indices BOX and EBOX New benchmark for bond trading

    Date 13/09/1999

    The new European BOX bond indices announced by the company on June 1 will be launched on September 27. The 728 indices in total track the performance of federal bonds and will be calculated for the EURO zone and the EU area. The indices for the EURO zone are called EBOX, the indices for the EU area, BOX.

  • Brennan Letter Updates Members on CBOT-Eurex Alliance

    Date 13/09/1999

    Dear Fellow Member: I am pleased to report that after two days of discussions in Burgenstock, Switzerland, with our Eurex counterparts, all parties have agreed that the CBOT-Eurex alliance will proceed with no material changes to the original agreement approved by the membership.

  • Botswana Stock Exchange Market Commentary

    Date 13/09/1999

    The market took a breather and dipped 2.1% from last week's record high as sellers appeared on the market to take profits from the heady gains of the past few weeks. Barclays finally ran out of steam losing P1.00 to P9.00 on light volume as the bid on the stock weakened to P8.50.

  • Bahrain Stock Exchange Securities & Investment Research Weekly Report

    Date 13/09/1999

    GCC markets were in a mixed mood last week. With the near end of the summer vacations and investors awaiting the third quarter results, KSE fell 0.7%, Oman was down 1.2% & Saudi Arabia lost 1%. The UAE and Bahrain appreciated by 1.9% and 0.4% respectively.

  • The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong August Market Statistics

    Date 11/09/1999

    The average daily turnover for the 22 trading days in August was HKD5,828 million, a decrease of 34 per cent compared with the previous month. Total turnover value for the month was HKD128,209 million compared with HKD184,176 million in July.

  • Tehran Stock Exchange June Monthly Statistics

    Date 11/09/1999

    At the end of 19 trading days in the month of June, trading volume and turnover showed a decline of 71.66 and 8.20 percent respectively relative to May.

  • Swiss Exchange Monthly Statistics - August 1999

    Date 11/09/1999

    Turnover in Swiss equities, options and bonds during August 1999 was CHF56,683.4 million, CHF3,975.3 million and CHF6,283.0 million respectively. Turnover in foreign equities, options and bonds during August 1999 was CHF3,252.2 million, CHF4,239.3 million and CHF7,491.5 million respectively. Total turnover in August was CHF74,433.2 million. This compares with an August turnover in August 1998 of CHF114,453.4 million. Turnover in the first eight months of 1998 was CHF746,089.4 million.

  • New participants of the SWX Swiss Exchange

    Date 11/09/1999

    The Board of Directors of the SWX Swiss Exchange has accepted the following new SWX participants: Bank of America International Limited, Frankfurt (subject to the approval of the Federal Banking Commission); Commerzbank AG, London Branch (subject to the approval of the Federal Banking Commission); Société Générale Securities London Ltd. (subject to the approval of the Federal Banking Commission).