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  • ASX Market Operations for Friday 5 May 2000

    Date 05/05/2000

    The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) confirms that trading was halted today between 10.19am and 12.10pm as a result of problems with the CW Optus network. The problems with the network caused a number of market participants to be unable to access SEATS. In the interests of ensuring the integrity of the market, ASX took the decision to halt trading until all market participants regained access. Markets closed today at the usual time of 4pm.

  • Update In KLSE SI Components

    Date 04/05/2000

    In line with the updated list of approved securities issued by the Syariah Advisory Council of the Securities Commission on Friday, 28 April 2000, appropriate changes will be made to the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange Syariah Index (KLSE SI).

  • The Chicago Stock Exchange Sets Monthly Volume Records In April

    Date 04/05/2000

    The Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX) today announced a record-breaking month for both trade and share volume. Total trade volume in April finished at 5,878,144, an increase of 114 percent over last year, while share volume reached 2,204,480,793, up 87 percent from April 1999.

  • Program Trading Averaged 19.2 Percent Of NYSE Volume During April 24-28

    Date 04/05/2000

    The New York Stock Exchange today released its weekly program-trading data submitted by its member firms. The report includes trading in all markets as reported to the NYSE for April 24-28. The data indicated that during April 24-28, program trading amounted to 19.2 percent of NYSE average daily volume of 1,007.3 million shares, or 193.0 million shares a day.

  • PHLX to Begin Trading On John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. (JHF)

    Date 04/05/2000

    The Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX) announced today that it will begin trading put and call options on John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. (option/stock symbol: JHF), upon the opening of business on Thursday, May 4, 2000.

  • PHLX Continues To Post Record-Breaking Options And Equity Volume

    Date 04/05/2000

    The Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX) announced today that volume in PHLX's 825 equity options for the month of April 2000 reached 4,641,911 contracts traded, a 12% increase over April 1999 when 4,147,980 contracts changed hands. In addition, during the first four months of 2000, PHLX traded a record 18,938,750 equity option contracts, an increase of 22% in comparison to the same period last year.

  • Philippine Stock Exchange Weekly Report

    Date 04/05/2000

    The sober Good Friday mood extended its clutch on the equities market this week as unfavorable developments, underscored by the weakening of the peso and heavy speculations about the condition of some banks, intensified the tone of uncertainties created by the lingering political and peace and order situation in the country. These further alarmed investors, pushing them to sell off and leave the market at its lowest in 18 months on Friday. Hence, the PSE Composite Index dropped by 3.92% week-on-

  • OM Stockholm Exchange Launches Attract40 And Revises Its lLsts

    Date 04/05/2000

    OM Stockholm Exchange will introduce a new segment within the O-list - Attract40. The companies in this segment will be chosen according to objective criterion. At the same time, the O-list and the OTC-list will be combined and be named the O-list. These changes will take effect on 3rd July this year.

  • NYMEX Board Schedules Demutualization Vote

    Date 04/05/2000

    The New York Mercantile Exchange board of directors yesterday scheduled Tuesday, June 20, for a vote by the Exchange membership on a demutualization plan which will convert the Exchange from a not-for-profit membership structure to a for-profit organization, pending approval of the plan by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

  • New York Mercantile Exchange Announces E-Commerce Venture

    Date 04/05/2000

    The board of directors of the New York Mercantile Exchange last night approved the formation of eNYMEX, an e-commerce venture that is intended to become the premier, global exchange for over-the-counter (OTC) forward trading and clearing of a wide range of standardized physical commodity contracts.