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  • HKFE Releases Latest Y2K Newsletter

    Date 21/10/1999

    As part of its efforts to address the Year 2000 (Y2K) issue, the Exchange has resumed publishing its Year 2000 newsletter.

  • Osaka Mercantile Exchange RSS3 Futures/Rubber Index Futures Weekly Report

    Date 20/10/1999

    RSS3 Futures: Distant month: opening 76.00 yen, a high 80.90yen (Oct. 14), low 76.00 yen Oct. 12), closing 77.50 yen. Rubber Index Futures: Distant month: opening 69.70, a high 73.50 (Oct. 13), a low 69.70 (Oct. 12), closing 71.25 points.

  • Osaka Mercantile Exchange Aluminium Futures Weekly Report

    Date 20/10/1999

    This week, OME aluminium futures remained in a narrow range amid a lack of interest after the sharp decline at the beginning of the week. Distant month : opening 160.5 yen, a high 165.4 yen (Oct. 14), a low 160.5 yen (Oct. 12), closing 164.2 yen

  • NYMEX Announces Initial Margins For Eurotop 300

    Date 20/10/1999

    The New York Mercantile Exchange has announced an initial margin of USD,000 for all participants in the FTSE Eurotop 300 futures market, including clearing members, members, and non-member hedgers and speculators.

  • Voicestream Wireless Corporation To Join Nasdaq-100 Index Beginning

    Date 20/10/1999

    VoiceStream Wireless Corporation (Nasdaq:VSTR), of Bellevue, Washington, will become a component of the Nasdaq-100 Index® (NDX), effective at the beginning of trading Wednesday, October 27, 1999. Shares of VoiceStream will also be included in the Nasdaq-100 Index Shares,SM (Amex:QQQ), and the Nasdaq-100 Index Tracking StockSM, which are securities that represent ownership in the Nasdaq-100 Trust. The Trust holds a portfolio of equity securities that compose the Nasdaq-100 Index and aims to provi

  • The Montreal Exchange Reacts Favourably To Mr. Bachand's Popositions

    Date 19/10/1999

    In Bangkok for the 39th annual meeting of the International Federation of Stock Exchanges (FIBV), Luc Bertrand, Chairman of the Governing Committee, and Gérard A Lacoste, President and CEO of the Montreal Exchange, have reacted favourably to the remarks made by Raymond Bachand, Chief Executive Officer of the Fonds de solidarité des travailleurs du Québec (FTQ), during a luncheon organised by the Cercle de la finance internationale de Montréal, on October 14, 1999. During this luncheon, Mr. Bacha

  • Satyam Infoway Limited Lists On The Nasdaq Stock Market - Second Indian-Registered Direct Listing On Nasdaq

    Date 19/10/1999

    Satyam Infoway Limited, the second largest national provider of Internet access and Internet services to consumers and businesses in India, began trading today on The Nasdaq Stock Market® under the symbol SIFY. It is the second Indian company to list on Nasdaq®. Satyam Infoway has raised gross proceeds of approximately US$75 million by issuing 4,175,000 American Depositary Shares (ADSs) at a price of US$18 per ADS. Merrill Lynch & Co., Hong Kong, is the lead manager for this offering.

  • Options Exchanges Meet At SEC To Discuss Linkage Plan Process

    Date 19/10/1999

    The Commission issued an order today requiring the American Stock Exchange, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the Pacific Exchange, and the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, and requesting the International Securities Exchange (collectively, the "Options Exchanges") to develop an inter-market linkage plan for multiply traded options. The Commission's order directs the Options Exchanges to submit for Commission approval a linkage plan within 90 days.

  • Minneapolis Grain Exchange Names Officers, Directors

    Date 19/10/1999

    The Minneapolis Grain Exchange Board of Directors named 1999-2000 officers at its October 18 meeting.

  • KCBT Awarded The Cornerstone Award

    Date 19/10/1999

    The Kansas City Board of Trade has been awarded the EDC Cornerstone Award on October 8 for its building renovation and dedication of "Heartland Harvest" in April 1999.