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  • Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange Stock Short Name Ready To Go On 4th September

    Date 04/09/2000

    Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) is implementing the new Stock Short Name (SSN) on Monday, 4 September 2000 having recorded full readiness from stockbroking companies.

  • Copenhagen Stock Exchange - September 2000: The Equity Trading Volume Touched All-Time High In August

    Date 04/09/2000

    The trading volume on the equity market maintained the high level of July with an average daily value of trading of DKK 3.4 billion, a rise of 123 per cent on the corresponding month last year, and only DKK 0.2 billion less than the record set in March. The total value of equity trading in August amounted to DKK 78.1 billion in market value.

  • Buenos Aires Futures Exchange Monthly Report For August 2000.

    Date 04/09/2000

    The Mercado a Término de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Futures Exchange) traded 23,506 contracts in August 2000 compared to a figure of 23,600 contracts in August 1999. Total volume for the first eight months of 2000 was 172,198 contracts, compared to 160,683 contracts in 1999.

  • BB HiTECH AG Is 35th Investment Company Listing On SWX Swiss Exchange

    Date 04/09/2000

    The shares of BB HiTECH, headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, were traded for the first time today on the SWX Swiss Exchange. The public offering price was set on Sunday evening at CHF 160. The opening price in SWX trading today stood 3% above that level at CHF 165, representing a total market capitalisation of CHF 726 million.

  • Amsterdam Exchanges Statistics August 2000 - Trading In Equity Options Rises Sharply

    Date 04/09/2000

    The volume of trading in equity options at Amsterdam Exchanges’ options market in August 2000 was up 45% on the same month last year, while premium turnover rose by as much as 60% over the same period. In total, almost 38 million options and futures contracts have been traded so far this year. Turnover at Amsterdam Exchanges’ stock market also continues to rise sharply. Trading in shares in 2000 is up almost 70% compared to the figures for the first eight months of 1999. Moreover, a total of 17

  • HKFE Sets Margin Rates For Mini-HSI Futures And Margin Offset Between Mini-HSI Futures And HSI Futures

    Date 03/09/2000

    Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, announced today (Tuesday) that margin rates for the Mini-Hang Seng Index (Mini-HSI) Futures contract will be one-fifth of the margin rates for the Hang Seng Index (HSI) Futures contract. HKFE also said it would allow a hundred per cent margin offset between Mini-HSI Futures contracts and HSI Futures contracts at a ratio of 5 to 1.

  • HKEx Introduces On-Line Access To CCASS For Investor Participants In The System

    Date 03/09/2000

    Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) is introducing Internet access to CCASS, the Central Clearing and Settlement System, for Investor Participants, as an alternative to access through the CCASS phone system. The IP Internet service will be introduced in two phases, beginning on 3 October.

  • Botswana Stock Exchange Market Commentary

    Date 03/09/2000

    The market remained static in a week characterised by low volumes. Counters that moved down were all a result of investors raising cash.

  • Botswana Stock Exchange Listed Company News

    Date 03/09/2000

    MRIB posted a good set of final results, which were in line with expectations. Turnover rose by 27.2% to P9.9m. Operating profit increased by 29.1% to P4.2m, on the back of the introduction of new products and an increase in membership. Profit after tax surged by 42.4% to P3.6m, largely due to a 16% drop in taxation charges which, arose from a claim for listing expenses. Eps was recorded at 19.8 thebe, a 26.1% increase from last year's figure. A 25% rise to the previous year's dividend yielded a

  • WCE Fiscal Year Sees Record Breaking Volume Levels

    Date 02/09/2000

    Winnipeg Commodity Exchange (WCE) reached several records during the 1999/2000 fiscal year. Record performance levels in total futures and options fiscal-year volume, total futures fiscal-year volume, as well as new highs in canola futures volume were achieved.