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Tokyo Market Information Corporate Action Information Service & TOPIX Data Service

Date 02/11/2001

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. has already been providing information on stock prices and the disclosure of listed companies, but from the 5th of November we are starting a new information service called Tokyo Market Information, which consists of both a Corporate Action Information Service and a TOPIX Data Service.

  1. Corporate Action Information Service
    This service was created to support mainly global custodians by providing them with corporate action information such as dividends, mergers, public issues, etc. to suit their needs.
    • Reliable information provided by Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
    • Information including all Japanese stock markets and their listed companies.
    • Easy access through the Internet
    • Possible to download information in CSV format from the web page.
    • Customer support by e-mail in English.

  2. TOPIX Data Service (Only Japanese service is available at present.)
    This service was created to support those who run passive management and control risk management based on relevant data by providing them with accurate information for calculating Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. indices.
    • Reliability: Information on TOPIX and related indices provided by TSE, which calculates these indices on its own.
    • Information for calculating indices, such as the addition or deletion of constituents, and changes to the number of shares enables customers to grasp in advance the effects to their portfolio caused by the changes to the information.
    • Packaged information, which is necessary for the calculation of indices.
    • Possible to download information in CSV format from the web page.

  3. Enquiry For more information, please contact Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.Information Services Department
    TEL : 81-3-3666-0141 (English 9:00am ~ 17:00pm GTM+9)
    FAX : 81-3-3666-3654
    E-mail :