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The Spanish Stock Exchange To Celebrate Its 180th Anniversary

Date 20/10/2011

  • The Spanish stock exchange ranks among the top world exchanges in terms of investment flows, transparency and innovation
  • 2011 is already the fourth best year in history in terms  of new investment flows channeled through the Spanish stock market

On 20 October 1831 the first trading session took place in Spain, in this way making the Spanish stock exchange one of the oldest and best-established financial institutions in Spain. Its birth, in the first half of the XIX century, anticipated the creation, in the second half, of most other economic and financial institutions that exist today.

Today’s economy and financial markets are under some of the most convulse times in history, surrounded by high volatility. However the Spanish stock exchange has continued to demonstrate its extraordinary capacity to provide objective valuations and liquidity to investments, in large part thanks to the modernisation and significant improvements carried out in the last few years, which have allowed it to become a significant force in the international stock exchange scenario. During this long period of time a stock market developed which today trades a daily average of over €4 billion.

At the end of September, over 3,000 securities with a capitalisation of around €1 trillion are listed on the stock exchange.

As far as financing is concerned, the Spanish stock exchange continues improving in its role channelling private savings towards the financing of companies, a role that it fulfils more than satisfactorily in these hard times. So far this year new investment flows, together with capital increases represent over €35 billion, which ranks the Spanish market among the top stock exchanges at European and world level in terms of financing channelled to the market.

This is already the fourth best year in the history of the Spanish stock exchange in terms of new investment flows channeled through the Spanish stock market, only after the years 1999, 2000 and 2007. The fact that such a high trading volume of new investment flows channelled through the stock exchange (Initial Public Offering of new and old shares, Capital Increases and new shares admitted to trading without Public Offering) has been attained in such a difficult year for Spain and for the stock market points to a promising future for Equities in Spain as soon as the economic scenario improves.