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The Launch Of TSX Datalinx<SUP>TM</SUP> - Canada's One Stop Shop For Market Data Information

Date 21/06/2002

The TSX Group today welcomes to its corporate brand family, TSX Datalinx, the new name for the TSX's data business. TSX Datalinx will continue to provide market data products and services to customers across Canada and around the globe. With over 75 vendors distributing Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange trading information, TSX Datalinx today reaches an estimated 80,000 subscribers worldwide.

The implementation of a new technology platform last year enables TSX Datalinx to offer its superior data distribution platform to third party marketplaces. "LinxPointOne" - Canada's premiere data distribution product - leverages the reliability and distribution reach of TSX Datalinx trading products, providing an important opportunity for third party providers of data to cost effectively expand their customer base.

"LinxPointOne" will provide both "a la carte" and consolidated market data information to any customer of real time market data in Canada and internationally via one point of contact. The product will also provide the ability to add new market data sources in a timely and seamless manner.

"With 'LinxPointOne' we are offering a market driven facility that gathers information from a variety of sources and then provides real-time market information dissemination that is streamlined in terms of time to market for data providers, and market data distributors," said Richard Nesbitt, President of TSX Markets. "It is consistent with our focus on being a better and more efficient service provider."

TSX Datalinx also provides end of day and historical data for Toronto Stock Exchange trading, index, and corporate actions. This data is available via the Market Data website and through two publications: the electronic (PDF) Toronto Stock Exchange Daily Record and the Toronto Stock Exchange Monthly Review1. Historical TSX Venture Exchange market and corporate data is available online via Info TSX Venture. Alternatively, this data is also offered through two publications: the TSX Venture Exchange Daily Record and the TSX Venture Exchange Monthly Review.

TSX Datalinx is directed day to day by Nancy Petersons, who joined TSX Datalinx in the fall of last year from Reuters. Nancy's TSX Datalinx management team includes Marlene Brathwaite, Andre Craig and Marc Odho.

TSX are the initials attached to the core businesses of the TSX Group: Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange, TSX Markets and TSX Datalinx. TSX Group collectively manages all aspects of Canada's senior and junior capital markets, and is the Canadian leader in this global industry. TSX Group is headquartered in Toronto and maintains division offices in Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver.