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The FTSE Japan Index - A Better Tracker For Japan

Date 07/06/2002

The FTSE Japan Index provides investors with a real-time benchmark to reflect the performance of the Japanese market. Unlike the Nikkei 255 and TOPIX, the FTSE Japan Index, as part of the FTSE All-World Index Series, is free float adjusted, liquidity tested and managed by an independent committee to provide the most transparent and predictable view of the market. The index is classified by industry and sector according to the globally recognised FTSE Global Classification System.

Osaka Securities Exchange is creating the FTSE Japan Index Futures contract, a tool for investors to hedge their Japanese market exposure.

End of day index values

Closing index values for: 07/06/2002

  No. of constituents Capital Index (¥) Total Return Index (¥)
FTSE Japan Index 330 74.35 83.72

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