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The European Association Of CCP Clearing Houses (EACH) Elects Board And Defines Strategy For 2020-2022

Date 02/06/2020

During its Annual General Assembly meeting held on 29th May 2020, the 19 members of the European Association of CCP Clearing Houses (EACH) elected the following Board Members for a two-year mandate:

  • Co-Chair - Julien Jardelot, Head of Europe, Government Relations & Regulatory Strategy, LSEG
  • Co-Chair - Teo Floor, Vice President, CCP Risk Management, Eurex Clearing
  • Co-Chair - Tim Grange, Director of Regulatory Policy, ICE Clear Europe
  • Member - Arnoud Siegmann, Chief Risk Officer, EuroCCP
  • Member - Erica Brown, Head of International Affairs, Nasdaq Clearing
  • Member - Marcin Truchanowicz, Managing Director, KDPW_CCP
  • Member - Ian Cornwall, Director, Head Market Structure, SIX Securities & Exchanges, SIX x-clear
  • Member - Xavier Aguilá, Managing Director Operations, BME Clearing

The EACH General Assembly also elected the following Members for the following positions for a two-year mandate:

  • Treasurer - Ɓukasz Goliszewski, Vice President of the Management Board, IRGiT
  • Internal Auditor - Stefan Kowanda, Political & Regulatory Affairs Officer, ECC

The EACH General Assembly also defined the EACH Strategy for the period 2020-2022. EACH will strengthen its role as both the proactive voice of CCPs in Europe and a dynamic forum to develop the CCP clearing industry. In fulfilling these objectives, EACH will reinforce its engagement with public authorities and private stakeholders.

EACH Co-Chairs Julien Jardelot, Teo Floor and Tim Grange said: ’We are delighted to have been re-appointed to our roles. We have been strongly committed to leading EACH the last two years and the fact that the EACH General Assembly voted for a substantially unchanged Board is testament to the strong support and commitment from the Membership to our shared vision for EACH.’

EACH Secretary General Rafael Plata said: ’As it happened during the global financial crisis, the resilience of CCPs during the extreme COVID-19 market conditions has once again demonstrated the crucial role that CCPs play in contributing to financial stability. I am delighted that EACH counts on Co-Chairs Julien, Teo, Tim, the Members of the Board, General Assembly, Committees, Groups and EACH staff to effectively represent the CCP clearing industry in Europe with the objective of promoting safer and more efficient financial markets’.