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Texture Capital Receives FINRA Membership Approval To Operate Broker-Dealer And ATS For Issuance And Trading Of Digital Securities

Date 10/11/2020

Texture Capital Inc., the institutional marketplace for private capital, announced today that the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has granted Texture Capital membership approval to commence operations as a digital securities broker-dealer and operate an Alternative Trading System (ATS). Helmed by capital markets and blockchain industry veterans, this important milestone will enable Texture to begin issuing, tokenizing, and trading digital securities.


Texture Capital is a technology-driven marketplace focused on enabling institutions to more efficiently and directly participate in the private markets. Texture uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to streamline the current market structure for private placements.

“We are delighted to achieve this milestone, and excited to launch our business,” said Richard Johnson, founder and CEO of Texture Capital. “Blockchain technology has tremendous potential to improve market structure by enhancing transparency, streamlining workflows, and automating processes,” adding, “and it is important to ensure that we innovate within the established regulatory frameworks.”

Positioned at the intersection of capital markets and emerging technology, Texture plans to revolutionize the two trillion-dollar market for private securities. “Private markets are ripe for disruption”, added Johnson. “We have already developed foundational functionality including token issuance and secondary trading, In the future, we will harness the creativity coming out of DeFi (Decentralized Finance), to deliver on our bold vision to rebuild global markets and improve capital flows throughout the economy.”