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Taiwan Stock Exchange’s Corporate Governance Center Website A Hit With Investors And Corporate Directors - New Website Attracting More 20,000-25,000 Per Month - Launched As Part Of The Taiwan’s Five-Year ‘Corporate Governance Roadmap’

Date 29/12/2015

A rapidly increasing number of investors, corporate directors and industry leaders are visiting the Taiwan Stock Exchange’s (TWSE) newly launched Corporate Governance Center (CGC) website.

The website provides a one-stop-shop for all corporate governance and CSR resources available from the public and private sectors. It aims to cultivate a culture of good corporate governance in Taiwan, as well as help listed companies increase the capabilities of their Boards and appreciate the value of good corporate governance – each of which are major goals of the Financial Supervisory Commission’s (FSC) five-year ‘Corporate Governance Roadmap’. It does this by making available the latest corporate governance regulations and guidelines, as well as the latest news on promotional and advocacy activities and other international developments, all at one central location.

The website also aims to improve the disclosure of material corporate governance information – another major goal of the FSC’s Roadmap – by publishing the Corporate Governance Center’s regular evaluations and rankings of listed companies’ corporate governance disclosures. It also contains a database of CSR reports published by listed companies; information on irregular trades; disciplinary actions undertaken by Taiwan authorities; as well as statistics on e-voting, the adoption of independent directors, and other areas.

The website has proved to be an exceptionally useful tool to both investors and listed companies and currently attracts 20,000-25,000 visitors per month.

TWSE encourages all investors, companies and media to learn more about the ongoing development corporate governance in Taiwan by visiting the ‘CGC Website’ at:

Visitors are also encouraged to subscribe to the Corporate Governance Center’s monthly e-newsletter by visiting