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SIX Opens FinTech Incubator “F10”

Date 13/08/2015

FinTech Incubator “F10” is the innovation center of SIX. It is home to small interdisciplinary teams who develop promising ideas and evaluate their potential for the financial industry. In collaboration with FinTech start-ups, the team, based at Förrlibuckstrasse 10, is setting up a complete innovation ecosystem with a dedicated staff, know-how, infrastructure and communities whose task is to drive further developments on Switzerland's FinTech front and develop new technologies for SIX.  

In its history, SIX has repeatedly launched products and services on the market that have helped shape the way we approach money and investments. Given the rapid developments on the FinTech front, SIX has witnessed how suitable new ideas are coming onto the market in the form of innovative solutions within a very short space of time. It was for this reason that SIX founded FinTech Incubator “F10” in which IT specialists, programmers and business economists can identify tomorrow's technology trends, work on projects and business ideas and develop prototypes for all four business areas of SIX. 

As well as setting up the FinTech Incubator “F10”, SIX is involved in other initiatives that aim to enhance the Swiss FinTech arena. In particular, SIX is represented in the Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab; it is a member of the founding committee of DigitalZurich 2025; and it signed a partnership this year with Impact Hub Zürich.  

SIX aims to play a leading part in the digitization of the financial industry and make Zurich a global name in financial technology. "With its major financial center, Switzerland has a great deal of potential to be able to make a key contribution to the area of financial technology," says Urs Rüegsegger, Group CEO of SIX. "As a neutral financial service provider with a huge amount of specialist and IT knowledge, SIX is predestined to play a pioneering role.” 

You can find more information on SIX FinTech Incubator “F10” at   


SIX FinTech Incubator “F10” is opening at Förrlibuckstrasse 10, 8005 Zurich, at 12.00 noon on Wednesday, 26 August 2015. We would like to invite you to attend. Andreas Iten, CIO of SIX Financial Information, and Markus Graf, Head Innovation Management, will be present at the press briefing.