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Shenzhen Stock Exchange: Investor Protection Popularization Campaign Themed With“Investor Education Trip Promoting Revolutionary Traditions”Goes To Gutian, Fujian

Date 10/06/2021

Form June 1 to 4, the Investor Protection Popularization Campaign themed with “Investor Education Trip Promoting Revolutionary Traditions” was held in Gutian, Fujian. The campaign was organized by the Investor Protection Bureau of China Securities Regulatory Commission (“CSRC”) and SZSE and was undertaken by CSRC Fujian Branch, Industrial Securities, Huafu Securities, etc. Centering on the theme of “remaining true to the original aspiration and undertaking mission, and bringing tangible benefits to investors” of the May 15 Investor Protection Popularization Day 2021, the campaign had 14 investor education sessions held in memorial halls of the CPC history, listed companies, securities traders’ business departments, communities and campuses. Over 600 people including small and medium investors, securities-industry workers, teachers and students from Gutian participated in the campaign.

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