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Shenzhen Stock Exchange Fully Supports Henan In Flood Control, Disaster Relief And Post-disaster Reconstruction

Date 29/07/2021

Unusually heavy rainfalls have recently hit Henan Province, causing severe flooding in a number of its cities including Zhengzhou and inflicting heavy casualties and property losses. After the disaster occurred, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance. General Secretary Xi Jinping immediately gave important instructions, requiring the government to always put the people’s life and property safety in the first place, quickly organize forces to control the flood and provide disaster relief, and do a good job in helping the people afflicted by the disaster and ensuring hygiene and disease control.

The nation has stood together through storm and stress. SZSE has resolutely implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. By fully leveraging the functions and roles of the capital market as a platform and hub and with an emphasis on supporting Henan in flood control, disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction, SZSE has helped Henan-based market entities restore development.

First, SZSE has exempted listed companies whose registered addresses are in Henan from paying the 2021 initial listing fee, annual listing fee and the online voting service charge for general meetings, to reduce their burdens. Second, for bonds, asset-backed securities, etc. proceeds from which will be mainly used in disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction or which are issued by enterprises in hard-hit regions, SZSE has established a green review channel for issuance and relaxed the time limit for the handling of issuance of relevant products. In the review of IPO and refinancing on the ChiNext Board, Henan-based enterprises that are unable to reply to SZSE’s letters of inquiry on time because of the disaster may apply to suspend the review based on their own situation. Third, SZSE has guided SZSE-listed companies and members to adopt proactive measures to support flood control, disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction, and actively fulfill social responsibilities. Fourth, SZSE has carried out thematic campaigns such as “Listed Companies in Henan” to strength investors’ confidence in listed companies in Henan. SZSE has held the capital market cultivation service activities to first meet the training needs of Henan-based companies. Fifth, SZSE has donated CNY 10 million to the Henan Charity General Foundation, to fully support Henan in flood control, disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction. Sixth, SZSE has fully leveraged the advantages of the localized services of the SZSE Henan Service Center to actively provide high-quality capital market services, contributing our bit to help Henan restore economic and social development as quickly as possible.