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Forgotten your password? Unveils Crowdfunded Art Investment Opportunities

Date 23/09/2015

A new investment platform is preparing to offer investors an opportunity to own micro shares in art, antiques and other collectibles, as the art market nears $66billion in global sales in 2014 according to a report compiled by Arts Economics and published by the European Fine Art Foundation in Maastricht, Netherlands in March 2014. (Sources: TEFAFBloomberg, 2014). is a concept that allows investors to pitch in and purchase high value paintings, sculptures, antiques and other collectibles using the crowdfunding system. The platform aims to reshape the face of investment with a business model that allows investors to purchase shares in high value art and collectible items where each share can be purchased for as little as £100 depending on the value of the items.
Not all investors can afford to buy a £10m masterpiece by a well known artist, but with, each person can split the value of the asset into smaller shareholdings, allowing a slice of the action for around £100. Once all shares are sold for an artwork, investors can place their shares for sale for a higher price on the platform, which provides a platform for investors on any budget.
Ibrahim Sal, Business Development Director of, says, “With the launch of, we are combining the traditional method of investment and asset trading, with the new crowdfunding trend that has taken off around the globe.
Our group investment model is giving investors without immediate access to huge funds the chance to start their own portfolio of micro shares on the asset classes we cover.  By clubbing together with other investors, members can be part-owners of high value art or collectible items. All assets we sell are stored in secure storage facilities and are fully insured to provide extra protection to investors.
With the financial support received by 2 angel investors, the platform will be opening its virtual doors to UK based investors in October 2015. Shortly after UK launch it will be opening its platform to other countries in the European Union.
The team at are also seeking collectors/dealers/galleries and art owners that would like to list their assets for sale using the platform. Sellers all over the globe are invited to contact if they have classic cars, domain names, art, antiques or other collectibles that they would like to open to buyers on the new platform.
By offering high value artworks to multiple investors in little shares, makes it an easier process to sell an artwork that would otherwise need to be sold to a sole investor in full.  It is not only harder to reach investors with that amount of available funds but is also a lengthy process, whereas there are many more investors that can afford to pay as low as £100 per share and are much easier to reach.

To find out more, visit the website: