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Russian Trading System Order-Driven Market: Weekly Data Report

Date 21/10/2002

For the week of October 14th - October 18th, 2002, securities traded on the Order-driven market 5 396 times, a 5% increase over the previous week's 5 108 trades.

The total turnover on the unified market of the two exchanges rose 7% on the week and reached 1.435 billion USD, with 192.8 million shares changing hands. Last week the number of shares traded was 194.5 million.

The most active traders on the order-driven market were:

  • Troika Dialog
  • Unified Financial Group (UFG)
  • Alfa Bank
  • Renaissance Broker
The leaders in Internet trading were:
  • LAND
  • GUTA Bank
  • ATON
Currently 124 companies - professional market participants- trade on Order-driven market.

The Order-driven market is the unified RTS and St. Petersburg St. Exchange marketplace where corporate stocks are traded. Market participants can submit directly addressed quotes, or quotes with no particular addressee in mind. Trading is being done via St. Petersburg St. Exchange, clearing - through the RTS Stock Exchange Clearinghouse, settlement - via the RTS Stock Exchange Settlement Chamber. The electronic trading system can be accessed via "Plaza Stocks" workstation or through the Internet-trading gateway. Private investors can trade on the Order-driven market by becoming clients of licensed brokerages/investment houses.