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Restored Listing Of Railtrack In FTSE 250

Date 27/06/2002

Following Railtrack Group's restoration of listing on the London Stock Exchange today, FTSE Group announces that Railtrack Group will be reinstated in the FTSE 250 Index on Friday 28th June 2002 at the price at which it was removed, i.e. zero pence.

After the close of business on Friday 28th June, FTSE Group will announce which index Railtrack Group will become eligible for entry into, based on its market capitalisation at that time.

In order to give the market prior notice, any resulting changes will become effective after the close of business on Monday 1st July 2002. This means that the FTSE 250 Index will include 251 companies on Friday 28th June and Monday 1st July 2002. After this point the company with the lowest market capitalisation of the 251 companies, as of close of business on Friday 28th June, will be removed and placed in the FTSE SmallCap Index.

The FTSE 250 Index reserve list will remain unchanged.