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Oslo Børs Will Launch Turquoise Lit Auction™ In Millennium Exchange Trading System As Of 16 December 2017.

Date 03/11/2017

Oslo Børs will launch Turquoise Lit Auction™ in Millennium Exchange trading system as of 16 December 2017. 

The implementation is backward compatible with the Millennium 9.2 version, which goes live at 27 November 2017 and does not require any new conformance testing for market participants.

The purpose of Turquoise Lit Auction™ is to provide a lit trading alternative to reported trades within the current volume weighted spread of the lit book, whereas the traded volume is not above the MiFID II Large In Scale threshold. Turquoise Lit Auction™ will also offer a lit auction-alternative to "dark trading", where volume does not exceed Large In Scale.

Launch of Turquoise Lit Auction™ in Oslo Børs’ CDS environment will be 4 December 2017.

New versions of

  • Market Model - Equities
  • FIX Trading Gateway
  • Native Trading Gatewat
  • Drop Copy Gateway
  • Post Trade Gateway
  • MITCH Gateway

have been made available on Oslo Børs Delta web page under the menus for Market Model and Technical Documentation.

The document "Turquoise Lit Auction™ on Oslo Børs" describes the total impact to all related gateways, as well as key features of the new functionality.

If you have any other questions or comments, you are always welcome to contact one of Oslo Børs’ main contacts (below).

Ingvild Resaland, tel. +47 22 34 19 16,
Torbjørn Vik, tel. +47 22 34 17 47, 
Bodil Østby, (fixed income members) tel. +47 22 34 17 09,

Market data vendors
Line Mauseth, tel +47 22 34 18 15,
Christian Pettersen, tel +47 22 34 18 08,  

Alexander Næss, tel +47 22 34 17 71,
Christian Ringstad, tel +47 22 34 17 94,
Technical Support, tel +47 22 34 19 90,
Enablement Team,