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OM Launches Fully Automated Indications 0f Interest (IOI) Application - Intelligent Rules Provide The Ability To Turn IOIs Into Orders And Orders Into IOIs

Date 14/11/2001

OM, the world's leading provider of transaction technology to the financial services and energy industries, yesterday announced the launch of OneWorld Indications of Interest, the most advanced IOI system available today.

OneWorld Indications of Interest is a fast and efficient FIX compatible IOI system that enables brokers to generate, manage and advertise large pools of liquidity over a single integrated platform. The system can generate IOIs from existing orders as well as generate orders from IOIs.

Designed for maximum flexibility, OneWorld Indications of Interest provides flexible routing rules, enabling institutions to intelligently route and deliver orders. Customers configure their rules, and the system automatically sorts and delivers orders based on individual requirements.

"We believe OneWorld Indications of Interest is the first fully electronic IOI system that also provides for the intelligent routing and delivery of orders," said Michael Cooleen, OM's Director of Sales, North America. "This is the most customizable solution available. We view this as a breakthrough service that will improve broker/dealer productivity and increase order flow."

Because the system is fully automated, no manual rekeying of information is required, streamlining the trading process and reducing the likelihood of errors. By providing a complete audit trail of all order-related activity, time spent tracking orders is minimized as well.

OneWorld Indications of Interest is available as a standalone solution or as part of OneWorld Institutional Order Management, OM's equity order management system. OneWorld Indications of Interest offers direct connectivity to most order management systems through a FIX gateway or XML API.

OM offers customer support worldwide and, through its global infrastructure, provides access to destinations outside of the US.