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New York Mercantile Exchange Approves Listing New Gasoline And Natural Gas Basis Contracts On NYMEX ClearPort(sm)

Date 05/02/2004

The board of directors of the New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc., yesterday approved two new gasoline futures contracts and 12 natural gas basis swap futures contracts to be traded on the NYMEX ClearPortsm platform.

The gasoline futures contracts are deliverable in New York harbor for reformulated blendstock for oxygenate blending (RBOB) grade that requires the addition of 10% ethanol before it can be sold retail, and through the Colonial Pipeline at points on the Gulf Coast for 87 octane conventional unleaded gasoline.

The financially settled natural gas basis swap futures contracts are based on the differentials between the price indices of natural gas at delivery points in North America published by Platts Inside FERC Gas Market Report and the Exchange Henry Hub natural gas futures contract. The pricing indices are the ANR Pipeline Co. Louisiana index; Upper Midwest Dawn, Ontario index; Florida Gas Transmission Zone 3; East Texas, Katy; Kern River Gas Transmission Co. Wyoming index; Niagara index; Questar Pipeline Co. Rocky Mountains; Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. Louisiana 500 Leg; Tennessee Gas Pipeline Zone 0; Texas Gas Transmission Corp. Zone SL; Trunkline Gas Co. Louisiana; and Williams Gas Pipeline Central, Inc., Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas. The Exchange already lists 29 natural gas basis contracts on NYMEX ClearPortsm.

The Exchange intends to announce a launch schedule shortly.

Exchange President J. Robert Collins, Jr., said, "The addition of these contracts to our NYMEX ClearPortsm slate will offer market participants opportunities to more effectively manage energy price risk in the gasoline and natural gas markets. The new RBOB gasoline contract is designed to assist market participants in New York and Connecticut where legislation is requiring ethanol instead of MTBE as the oxygen additive, creating a disparity with the established New York harbor futures market."