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New Bitcoin Research Highlights Key Differences In Price ‘Staying Power’ Between US And Asian Markets - Report Shows That US Price Highs Drive Greater Value The Following Day, While Asia Goes The Opposite Way

Date 28/02/2020

A report into Bitcoin volatility, published last week by digital assets derivatives exchange ZUBR, has shown that traders should consider regional plays and build strategies around the different levels of volatility from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

The report, which analyses data from the last seven years, shows that during US trading hours, daily highs led to higher pricing the following day (average 67% year-on-year). In Asia, pricing fell the following day 72% of the time.

Additional key findings from the research paper include:

  • Despite around the clock trading, with some exchanges appealing to certain regions more than others, volumes by region as a percentage of the annual total is linear across major trading venues. This means time zones don’t matter when there is a trading opportunity.
  • If the price of Bitcoin hits a high during Asian trading hours, there are increased arbitrage opportunities.
  • Price movements (in USD) and arbitrage opportunities (daily fluctuations) are fairly even on an annual basis. This means traders will need to utilize both long and short positions equally. 

Ilgar Alekperov, CEO, ZUBR said:

“While the market remains orderly, a key observation is how the East and West’s high staying power is almost polar opposite. We believe this indicates a fundamental belief shift in US movements when bull markets start stateside, compared with Asia. Whilst we obviously can’t predict the future of the bitcoin market, this persistent trend from the last seven years is certainly interesting for traders looking at regional strategies to maximise returns.”

ZUBR is a digital assets derivatives trading platform for hedge funds, HFT traders and other parties who bear cryptocurrency price exposure risks as a part of their operational activity. Currently in beta, ZUBR is due to launch in the first quarter of 2020.

You can read the full report, ‘US Bitcoin Price Highs Drive Staying Power as Asian Attempts Sputter’ here: