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New Administration Showcases What Governance Means, By Kelvin To, Founder And President, Data Boiler Technologies, LLC

Date 11/08/2021

On August 6, 2021, the SEC quietly approved a modified version of the CT Plan. This CT Plan replaces the three existing plans (CTA, CQ, and UTP Plans) that currently govern the collection, consolidation, processing, and dissemination of market data. We thank the Commission for recognizing our comments over 60 times and making modifications favoring stronger governance controls. The enclosed document is our public statement towards the approval of CT Plan, it is entitled “New Administration showcases what Governance means”. In this 2-page statement, we delve into the following questions:



  1. What problem it is trying to solve?
  2. Under what definitions and how board is the scope?
  3. How relevant the answer to the problem?
  4. Has it gone far enough, would CT Plan be effective?
  5. How is Governance a moot point, what concerns we have with outsourced authorities?