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Maala Opens The Corporate Social Responsibility Day At The TASE

Date 01/07/2016

For the third year, Maala has presented its Annual Index for Social Responsibility, and has officially opened the Corporate Social Responsibility Day at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The opening bell ceremony was attended by Maala CEO, Momo Mahadav, TASE Chairman of the Board, Amnon Neubach, and CEO's of leading Israeli companies. In the framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility Day, the companies will hold activities aiming to strengthen their employees' active involvement in the fields of diversity in business, environment, healthy lifestyle, volunteering, and more. 
According to Maala CEO, Momo Mahadav, "The Maala Annual Index for Corporate Responsibility gives an account of the large – and this year also medium – companies' social responsibility. This year's Index focuses on fields, which are unique to corporate responsibility in Israel. It presents last year's prevailing trends in the fields of diversity in business, environmental management, donation, community volunteering, and more.
TASE Chairman of the Board, Amnon Neubach, said: "I am pleased to congratulate Maala, an organization working to promote corporate responsibility within Israeli companies, for presenting its Corporate Responsibility Index for 2016. Strengthening corporate responsibility issues and developing responsible management standards are important and necessary for us all, as we are all part of the capital market and the Israeli society." 
Pictured: CEO's of leading Israeli companies
Photo: Yoav Zohar.         
  Maala Opens the Corporate Social Responsibility Day at the TASE