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KCBT Volume Increases In October Compared To September

Date 01/11/2001

The Kansas City Board of Trade trading volume rebounded in October when compared to September, but was not up to the levels of the previous October. However, the increase in volume was a positive sign, indicating market volume could be resuming the upward trend that was evident prior to September 11.

Total KCBT volume in October amounted to 199,984 contracts, a 67.4 percent increase compared to September volume. Of this number, wheat futures volume contributed the greatest gain, with a 69.6 percent increase, while wheat options volume increased 59.5 percent.

Value Line' volume traded this month posted an increase when compared to last October as 1,675 contracts were traded compared to 1,417 contracts traded last year.

If the market continues to rebound from the events of September 11 and resume the pace that was seen earlier this year, the KCBT could still achieve another record-breaking year. In fact, this appears to be occurring as the September 2001 volume numbers were down 32.6 percent when compared to September 2000, but the October numbers were only down 20.1 percent when compared to October 2000, indicating the gap is closing.